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Throw out your textbooks – there's no better way to experience British history than by getting a taste of the gore, violence, and torture yourself.

Your London Explorer Pass includes . . .

  • A theatrical tour through history's best bits
  • A recreation of Anne Boleyn's final boat ride to the Tower of London
  • A vertical free fall drop ride as you experience an ‘execution'

Take a step back through London's perilous past and come face-to-face with some of history's most chilling figures at the London Dungeon! Catch the plague, get executed, and experience several forms of torture all in one day. The London Dungeon takes you on an immersive journey through history, leaving no deadly illness, fire or royal scandal untouched – there's even smells, sounds, and special effects to bring it all to life. You'll travel through 19 themed zones with your personal guide and come face-to-face with history's most chilling figures, including Sweeney Todd, Jack the Ripper, and Guy Fawkes. Enjoy interacting with the settings and being involved in the historic scenes. You'll also get the chance to experience Anne Boleyn's final journey to her execution before being executed yourself on a thrilling drop ride.

Please note: Under-16s must be accompanied by an adult aged 18 years or older.

For up to date information about opening times, please visit the official website.

The London Dungeon Highlights

The Plague Doctor's Surgery – wander through the muddy alleyways past rotting bodies, plague-ridden rats, and houses with red crosses. As people are asked to ‘bring out your dead', you'll meet the plague doctor's assistant and learn different medical cures and treatments from the 17th century.

Guy Fawkes – remember, remember the fifth of November and follow the trail of Guy Fawkes and his conspirators on their secret mission to blow up parliament. Head beneath the city of London, through dark, rat-infested tunnels to a room filled with gunpowder as you discover what really happened on that night in 1605.

Sweeney Todd – descend into London's old sewers and meet the demon barber of Fleet Street – Sweeney Todd. Mrs Lovett will welcome you into her famous pie shop where you'll discover her gruesome secret ingredient.

Jack the Ripper – make your way through the foggy, gas-lit streets of 1888 London. Learn about the recent Whitechapel murders and try to escape the confusing labyrinth of mirrored alleyways.

The Tyrant boat ride – join Anne Boleyn on her final journey to the Tower of London where you'll also meet your fate. Along the journey, King Henry VIII will sentence you to death before you encounter intense fog, darkness, choppy waters, scurries of rats, and a foul stench surrounding you.

Drop Dead drop ride – get ready to experience the ‘long drop' at Newgate Prison as the executioner seals your fate. An exhilarating vertical free fall drop ride, the Drop Ride to Doom is the ultimate end to your journey through the London Dungeon.

Did You Know

  • One of the most mysterious serial killers in history, Jack the Ripper remains unidentified after murdering five women between 1881 and 1891. After the murders came to an abrupt halt, no one knows if the killer was killed, imprisoned, deported or died from natural causes.
  • After the foiled Gunpowder Plot, Guy Fawkes was tried on 31 Janurary 1606 and then hung, drawn, and quartered in the Old Palace Yard in Westminster.
  • Sweeney Todd murdered his victims by pulling a lever as they sat in his barber chair, making them fall backwards down a trapdoor and break their necks.

Using Your London Explorer Pass

Present your Explorer Pass at the admissions desk found within The London Dungeon located in County Hall between the main London Eye ticket booth and Shrek's Adventure! London.

How to Get There

London Underground:
Waterloo - Bakerloo, Jubilee, Northern, Waterloo & City lines

National Rail Network:
Waterloo Station

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Sunday 10:00 - 16:00


For up to date information about opening times over the Christmas period, please visit the official website.

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