Discover Churchill's underground wartime headquarters and learn WWII, espionage and the historic Briton at this iconic wartime museum.

Your London Explorer Pass includes . . .

  • Access to Churchill's bunker
  • Entry to the War Cabinet Room, which includes the Map Room and the Transatlantic Telephone Room
  • The chance to learn more about Winston Churchill in the Churchill Museum

Step back in time to the nucleus of Britain’s war effort and learn about the UK’s most famous Prime Minister. This unique museum will take you right into the heart of WWII, you’ll walk in Churchill’s footsteps, and discover what life was like at the time. Through permanent exhibitions, artifacts, and interactive displays you’ll gain a greater understanding of this important period in history. See where the government plotted the route to allied victory in the Cabinet War Rooms and explore the Map Room which has remained exactly as it was since lights were switched off in 1945. And don’t miss the Transatlantic Telephone Room. This room was disguised as a private toilet and served as the place where Churchill would secretly speak to the President of the United States.

Please note: Due to high volume of visitors, we would advise visiting the Churchill War Rooms during the quieter periods between 09.30 - 11.00 and 16.30 - 17.45 to enhance your visitor experience!

Churchill War Rooms Highlights:

Churchill Museum – interactive displays showcase the life and times of one of history's most famous figures. Listen to extracts from his infamous speeches, read letters between him and his wife, explore objects from his childhood, watch film clips, and discover some of his earlier paintings as well as photographs.

Cabinet War Rooms – the Cabinet War Rooms were a series of secret basement rooms and shelter for the Prime Minister and cabinet during WWII from 1939 to 1945. It was here the planning of the war occurred, after moving into the bunker a week before declaring war on Germany. Learn about the conversations between Churchill and Roosevelt in the Transatlantic Telephone room, and walk through the maze of secret passages underground. Explore documents, interviews, and personal artifacts while learning about the experiences of Churchill, his contemporaries, and closest staff.

Undercover: Life in Churchill’s Bunker – learn about the people behind Churchill and see pictures and artifacts of the staff that spent thousands of hours in the bunker with the Prime Minister. You’ll also discover more about Churchill’s hatred of typewriter noise and whistling.

Did you know:

  • Sir Winston Churchill’s paternal grandmother was a relative of George Washington and Churchill was the first person to be acknowledged as an Honorary Citizen of the United States.
  • Churchill was born on the cloakroom floor of Blenheim Place, while his mother was attending a party.
  • He was named ‘Man of the Year’ in Times Magazine, in 1940, and given the title of ‘Man of the Half-Century’ in 1949.
  • Despite his future success in politics, Sir Winston Churchill failed his entrance exam to Sandhurst Military Academy twice before finally passing on his third attempt.


Using your London Explorer Pass

Present your Explorer Pass at the admissions desk to enjoy access to the Churchill War Rooms

How to Get There

London Underground:
Westminster - Jubiliee, District and Circle Lines
St. James's Park - District and Circle Lines

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Last Admission: 17.00
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